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Common Services That Assisted Living Facilities Offer

Not all facilities that offer assisted living, Scottsdale area are the same. Some of them offer activities and services that other facilities do not. Here are the most common services offered by assisted living facilities that you should look out for.

1. 3 meals a day The most basic service offered by facilities specializing in assisted living, Scottsdale, is of course the meals. They usually offer 3 meals a day with the option to add snacks in between. These meals should fit the dietary constraints of the resident. If the resident is diabetic, the meals should not be laden with sugary foods. If the patient has a case of high blood pressure, meals will also be limited to the foods that the doctor had prescribed.

2. Assistance with personal hygiene assisted living, Scottsdale has a staff that will help your loved one bathe, brush their teeth, get dressed, and make sure that they are always presentable. This is also a daily activity done by the staff along with feeding the residents.

3. Housekeeping services As your loved ones age, they have less strength and energy to clean their surroundings. The facilities offering assisted living, Scottsdale should provide daily housekeeping services so that your loved ones space remains clean and orderly.

4. Medical facilities The residents in a facility specializing in assisted living, Scottsdale should have access to medicine, immediate care, and other health and medical services during their stay. The facility should have a resident nurse, doctor, and an adequate space to cure minor medical emergency if needed.

5. Transportation If your loved one needs to see a doctor during their stay the facility specializing in assisted living Scottsdale should have adequate transportation to bring them to and from the doctors office. They should also have transportation ready for emergencies as well.

6. Wellness programs Most assisted living facilities in Scottsdale have wellness programs designed to make sure that their residents get enough exercise and a proper balanced diet. They should be able to cater to vegetarians, and other special diets of their residents. They should also have areas that can cater to the type of exercise that the residents need like a gym or an open ground for walking and the likes.

7. Recreational activities To make sure that the residents are happy and occupied the assisted living facility should have social and recreational activities that are suited for the ages of the residents. This ensures that the residents do not get bored or waste away as they do nothing interesting.


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